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This is another comment about a mis-understanding of Arminianism. The original was a comment by "Steve D", the blogger of which he posted on Slice of Laodicea.

Please note that these comments on Arminianism arise only because there seems to be such a lot of mis-understanding and mis-representation going on. It is not a controversy I have started. It is only my desire to see the truth being known. And all the more so because we have other battles to fight, and also because authentic Arminianism along with Believer's Baptism is the most Biblical theology in this area of Christian doctrine.

I have now posted the hymn and some more on this Blog (Rewlach). Here is my comment to Steve D.

Robert at Rewlach said...

I posted this comment on Slice of Laodicea and am copying it here just to make sure that you don't miss it. (I will probably also post it on with some more material to illustrate the Wesley Hymns side. Like the hymn,
"Where with, O Go, shall I draw near?"

Steve D.

One could argue that the Arminiast view doesn't believe that God saves, but man's choice saves. I don't know any Arminians who really believe they save themselves (although their theology tells me so.)

I don't know where you got this rubbish from as a representation of supposedly "Arminian" theology. Certainly not from anyone who truly knows Arminianism.

I was brought up in rural Methodism which followed what Wesley and others taught. And the original 18th century title for "The Wesleyan Magazine" was
"The Arminian Magazine". (The oldest copy in my collection is 1794.) And I am studying Methodist history from the oldest materials I can get.

Granted that in the 19th century, Methodism drifted from its original Biblical foundations, and is now mostly apostate, your notion of Arminianism ("their theology tells me so") is not supported by the facts.

Read, for example, Wesley's Sermons (the standard volume is The 44) or Wesley's hymns.

They are full of the sinfulness of man, of the need of the work of the Holy Spirit in bringing conviction of sin and repentance, of the need of the work of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, of the Blood of Christ, of holy living, etc. There are few better examples of what the Gospel really is.

There is not a hint of a suggestion that "free choice saves" in any authentic Arminian theology. We are saved only by what God has done for us.

Authentic Arminian theology is all based on what God has said in His Word, the Bible. You will find, though he does not normally use the word "inerrant", that Wesley's view of Scripture is founded upon that concept. And you will find plenty of examples, as articles in The Wesleyan Magazine show, of attacking the errors of "Popery".

(BTW, the early volumes of Wesley's Hymns, more properly, Hymns for the use of the People called Methodists, do not give any writer's names, and include hymns by a range of writers including Isaac Watts. Wesley did not waste time criticising fellow Christians with whome he had some difference of opinion. But Wesley did attack the teachings of those he found to be in serious error, like Swedenborg.)

Hi there.

It's been months since you responded to a comment I made at the Slice blog. It's been months since you posted a comment to my blog that I wrote about my birthday. Now, I'd like you to at the very least take the link to my blog down.

If you'd like to respond to posts I make on blogs, that is fine. But to post my blogsite address on yours as if I'm some evil jerk is quite inappropriate. We're all evil jerks. And I'm starting to view this kind of stuff as slanderous.

So I ask firmly of you as a fellow Christian: Please either delete this post or edit it so my link is not on it.

I'm just a regular guy who used to visit some stupid website and try to voice my ever evolving opinion with the hopes that right or wrong, I'd be responded to in Christian love. Obviously I was wrong. Obviously because I have commented on a blog I am to understand that dudes like you will bash my name all over internetdom. What a waste of your time. What a wrong thing to expect me to be cool with. Can set aside our difference on TULIP for a second and realize that you really have no business doing something to trespass against drag my name through the mud?

Please respect this request.
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